Who is Lisa Faulkner

Who Is Lisa Faulkner?

Lisa Faulkner was born and raised in England. She’s currently 46 years old and is known for her modeling, acting, and cooking skills. In fact, Lisa wasn’t the one going on auditions for roles on shows, movies, or other programs. When she was just a teenager, a scout approached her because the scout believed she was beautiful and could make it in the real world as a model.

Actress Lisa Faulkner

It didn’t take long before she was landing roles in movies and television series. She even had a major role on the show Dangerfield, which was a popular series on British television. As she became more comfortable with her acting, she went on to take on some other major roles on television dramas. Although acting is something she’s naturally good at and has done for decades, it’s not the only thing she can do.

Lisa as a Chef

In fact, Lisa Faulkner is a fabulous chef. It started off as a hobby but then it turned into more of a passion for cooking different types of meals. She has such a love for cooking that she decided to go on the television series, Celebrity Masterchef, back in 2010. Not only did she go on the show and do exceptionally well, she ended up taking the crown and was officially titled the winner of that season for her ability to adapt to cooking different types of dishes from all over the world.

She has since taken her love for cooking to the next level. Not only she is referred to as a beautiful actress, but as a celebrity chef with some amazing skills in the kitchen. Lisa Faulkner is a multi-talented woman and has even published a series of cookbooks.

Lisa’s Personal Life

Over the years, Lisa Faulkner has appeared on various shows and movies and has worked behind the scenes as a chef. She has a daughter with former spouse Chris Coghill and their daughter’s name is Billie Coghill. Lisa Faulkner has been quite open about her struggle to get pregnant and the many failed IVF treatments she went through that eventually caused her to lose a lot of the money she had saved from her acting roles. Lisa and Chris eventually decided on adoption and they proudly became the adoptive parents of Billie when she was only 15 months old. you can find updates weekly on Lisa Faulkner’s instagram

Lisa Faulkner is an honest, talented woman who has been through a lot and continues to strive. Not only is she a good actress, but she’s a fantastic and motivated chef.

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